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Exams are almost over!

Now that the exam season is almost to an end you probably have MANY questions running through your stressed minds, questions like ‘how well did I do on those exams?’, ‘will the revision and hard work I’ve put in for soo long pay off?’, ‘what do I do with myself after the results come out?’. these questions and many more must be going through your head and you are fully aware of how taxing that is to your peace and well being.

God doesn’t want us to spend our energies worrying about our lives and how things are gonna work out instead he would rather us use that same energy into trusting him with our future :).  Be encouraged by this verse and learn to trust in it! check out the link to this message from Rev Kola Ewousho called ‘Getting results by the word‘. Email us at for a free MP3 copy of this message 🙂 .

May God richly bless you

Image result for philippians 4:6-7

Picture of Getting Results by the Word (CD)




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