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Prayer and Fasting

There are times in our lives when we need to set time out of our busy schedules and use that time for prayer and fasting. This greatly helps us to seek God for many things like wisdom, answers to questions we have for him, strength to continue in life etc. Maybe your a student who wants strength to continue studying for your exams or you need wisdom on how to go about it. Maybe your someone who needs to know what God says about a relationship you are hoping for.

Whatever the reason you should join us at Harvestime Church for prayer and fasting and since today is the second day you still have time to come along for 7pm tonight and 7pm tomorrow.  We are sending you a free MP3 downloadable message on ‘BEING PERSISTENT IN PRAYER’ to encourage you and fire you up as we prepare to meet together to seek God’s face. We trust you’ll be blessed by it! Click here:

May God bless you 🙂






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