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Faithfulness in your studies

Students it is crucial to be faithful to God even in the area of your studies and work. The Bible in many places teaches that we should work/study hard and do it for God’s glory. Now some of you may think ‘well I work hard and do my best but I still don’t get what I believe I deserve from it so why continue to work hard?’ Well a simple answer to that is that God will reward the work you do in his name, he may not do it according to YOUR timetable but he will reward your faithful work in his own time and the reward will make the hardships and setbacks you have faced worth it :).

So in your time at university, studying for your exams or meeting up with your friends whatever it may be just remember to do your best to be faithful to the word of God and God will reward you for that service!  This message “Abounding with Blessings” from Rev Kola Ewuosho will give you the guidance you need to help you become a more faithful person to God.

Email us at for a free MP3 copy of this message

May God’s grace be with you all 🙂

abounding with blessings Rev Kola


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