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Get real with God about your problems

All too often we are not real with God on how we feel about our circumstances or challenges we have to face, typically we put on a false face before God and try to cover ourselves up so that we can appear a different way before God and people BUT God sees what we really think and how we really feel.

So ask yourself personally these questions

1)      Am I really honest before God on how I feel about things?

2)      If I am not honest before God what stops me from doing so?

Being honest before God helps us to mature more as Christians because when we are honest with God he will not only help us to overcome the challenges we face but it actually helps us to be more honest with ourselves and once we are honest with ourselves then we can see what we need to correct in our lives. The message “Getting Real with God” will greatly bless you in your journey to having a more real walk with God.

Email us at for a free MP3 copy of this message

May God’s grace be with you all 🙂

Getting Real With God


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