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God has sent you to the lost


Throughout life you have different views of yourself, these views come from a number of places for instance our parents when we were young told us things which we base our purpose and reason to live on or we picked up things from people in school like our teachers and friends, the ideologies they believed in and we maybe took those things upon ourselves and the list of sources can go on for a long time.


We as Christians however should look to God’s word (The Holy Bible) to get the absolute truth on our reason for existence, our purpose, our self-worth what is right and what wrong is etc. We need to go to God’s word alone for these things and individually choose to base our lives on what he says so that we can begin to be more effective as God’s children on Earth. You may think you’re too busy to ponder on this maybe you have exams coming up or you have to tend to a sick loved one WHATEVER it is we should take time to think more deeply on this so that we can reach out to a lost world and point them to Jesus Christ!


This message from Rev Funke Ewuosho named “A Sent Mentality will surely inspire and clear things up for you regardless of your position in life we know that it will greatly encourage you to see yourself the way God’s word sees you as a Christian.


Email us at for a free MP3 copy of this message


May God shower you with blessings 🙂











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