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Have a little rest :)

Summer time is coming if not its already here with the amazing weather, clear blue skies and fun family activities being done everywhere. Uni students I know that you’re going through a challenging time with your revision for exams but try to enjoy the marvelous weather outside by taking a little trip to the park with your friends, go to a museum or just chill out with your friends with a good movie etc. just try to do something to take a little break from your revision stress trust me a little break is needed every now and then 😉 .

Still thinking of what to do to have a little break? Well might I suggest you come to Harvestime Church for our Easter Celebration weekend starting this Saturday and ending on Monday (Monday is the day of the church BBQ so that is DEFINATLY a good time to come LOL 😉 )

Check out this message “Life & Time Management”  by Rev Kola

This message will help you to manage your time and energy efficiently in your revision so that you not only get the best out of your studies but you also learn to manage yourself so you can take a well-deserved, restful break from your studies every now and then!

Email us at for a free MP3 copy of this message

May God show you all abundant favor 🙂

Picture of Life & Time Management (CD)   Image result for summer time weather



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