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Creating an atmosphere for exam success!

It is now the month of April and many of you will have your first exam out of your finals in this month so I would like you to know that we have been praying for your success in your exams especially those of you who are in third year.  So be greatly encouraged and take heart during this period that you are going through, remember that there are people looking out for you who have gone ahead of you but don’t forget that you have each other as well to look to for more support!

Click here for  the message “Creating an Atmosphere for Increase”

Listening to this message will bless you and greatly encourage you all because it will not only give you a message that will give you principles that you can apply in your revision for success in your exams but it will also give you principles that you can use in just your day to day life so that you will create an atmosphere for growth in EVERY sphere of your life :).

Email us at for a free MP3 copy of this message

Success Atmospheregraduate success


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