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Vera’s testimony

In Royal Holloway or those who live around Egham! I used to go to this church during my time in the UK, in my last 2 years at University. You guys should check them out! I really enjoyed my time there and they became like family to me… I only wish I had found them earlier.  They provide pick-ups and drop-offs from the Campus’ tennis courts and Egham High-street; every Sunday at 10am, and Wednesday evenings! You will love the family atmosphere and you can get involved in serving in a team. We had cell group meetings every week during term time on campus/Egham! And as for the upcoming academic year, they will keep you updated. And rest assured guys, they don’t bite (lol). They are lovely people who are there to support you. I hope and pray that you will be blessed by the Word and fellowship! It doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not, everyone is welcome! Go go go with an open heart!

Student work; church; bible study; freshers; royal holloway university

VC (Vera Costan)



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