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Vera’s testimony

In Royal Holloway or those who live around Egham! I used to go to this church during my time in the UK, in my last 2 years at University. You guys should check them out! I really enjoyed my time there and they became like family to me… I only wish I had found them earlier.  They provide pick-ups and drop-offs from the Campus’ tennis courts and Egham High-street; every Sunday at 10am, and Wednesday evenings! You will love the family atmosphere and you can get involved in serving in a team. We had cell group meetings every week during term time on campus/Egham! And as for the upcoming academic year, they will keep you updated. And rest assured guys, they don’t bite (lol). They are lovely people who are there to support you. I hope and pray that you will be blessed by the Word and fellowship! It doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not, everyone is welcome! Go go go with an open heart!

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VC (Vera Costan)


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I am excited to welcome you to a new phase of your life that will be one of the most important stages you go through as a young person;
university! We know how daunting or huge the whole journey may seem. Some of you may be moving away from home for the first time, or be wondering how you will get through as a student and deal with the financial, emotional, social and academic pressures.

Keji – Ignite Founder

At Harvestime church, we are here to serve you and look after you. ‘A fresh and life-changing
encounter with God through his anointed Word’ describes the experience of many who come through the church. ‘Ignite’ is a  team of students, postgraduates and workers, within the church, who have been through a lot of it and we want to be here for you whenever you need an extra helping hand, or that familiar place you can call home away from home!


  • Throughout the Fresher’s week, our friendly ‘Ignite’ team will be around
    campus to meet with you- look out for our bright blue T-shirts!
  • Bible and group study nights from October. Please email me if you are


We invite you to our free STUDENT Lunches throughout October after church! This is an opportunity to experience one of our services, to find out more about us, and also a great chance to meet new people and students in the area. Our Sunday services starts at 10.30am and the lunches will be straight afterwards.

We provide free student pickups every Sunday from 10.15am, and 1.15pm for the lunches, from Founder’s tennis courts and Egham High street.


We look forward to seeing you soon. Feel free to drop me an email anytime on: Congratulations on starting this new journey!




(Ignite Student Ministry Leader)