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Cell Files 001 (testimonial)


Recently, my family and I had been facing a huge challenge. One Monday afternoon, I got a phone call from home that left my heart bothered and I couldn’t sit still; I couldn’t even attend cell that night. I was told that our challenge was too big to resolve. After speaking to Keji, she encouraged me, and all the young adults and students prayed for me that Monday night. And God did! He answered our prayers and the whole situation was turned around within a few days. Praise God! I was able to give my testimony the following Monday night. I thank God for a group of supportive, loving and like-minded people to connect with every Monday!


J- March 2014

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Student Work Discipleship, Loughborough

Yesterday (5/03/14), some members of the Ignite team joined the Fusion team in Loughborough. It was a day of discipleship, good worship, and team bonding. We were inspired for greater student work and commitment to the great commission. Miriam, one of the several gifted members of the Fusion team, is simply an amazing motivational and active evangelist. Get ready to see God move through Ignite on campus, streets and communities!